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Fixed Pricing

We operate a simple and up front pricing policy Our aim is to provide high levels of service, adding value to your business at a price which is both fair and reasonable.

here will be no surprises from us because we want your work every year.

Prices & Guarantees


Every single new client will receive the following guarantees of service from us to help them have the confidence to choose us. Existing clients have the experience of dealing with us to have that confidence, although if any existing clients would specifically like any of the guarantees applied to them just let us know:


Whenever you provide us with your books & records (at our premises or yours), we guarantee that you will have your final accounts sent to you for signature within 60 working days of us receiving them. This is simply on the basis you provide us with all your records and answer any queries we have when we ask them. The clock stops if the ball is in your court waiting for information! We always do things quickly, so whatever you want done, however large or small, tell us the time scale and we will give you a guaranteed date of completion.  And if we fail in this promise – we will not charge you a penny for the work concerned.


Assuming you opt to be charged on a fixed fee basis for whatever work you  require we will give you a fixed quote up front. That is then the bill you get. There will be no surprises from us as we want your work every year. If you ever ask us undertake a large amount of additional work beyond the scope of what we agreed, we will always give you a fixed price for this up front. If we don’t tell you up front what the cost is, you don’t need to pay a penny for the work. The fee we quote for the normal annual accountancy services also includes all routine minor work that crops up during the year. If you prefer to pay on a time spent basis we also offer this facility. 


For all clients, there are no clocks ticking in this practice for you to worry about the bill you every time you call. You can call us as much as you want without charge, whenever you want and we will not charge you a penny for our time on the phone. We want to talk to our clients and don’t want them to worry about the cost of calling us.


We promise to speak in your language that you understand. 


Whenever we meet someone who we think could benefit from what you do, we will if you want us to, provide them with your details. Of course if you could do the same for us, that would be great.


All telephone calls are taken wherever possible without interrogation. However, if we are not available for any reason we will let you know when we expect to get back to you by.


We will insure your books and records whilst with us.

Our Commitments to You